Blue Woman



Published by

Barbara Kaufmann

My blog -a poetic and photographic look at the world. Simple, imperfect, transient, present.

3 thoughts on “Blue Woman”

    1. I’m so glad you liked it!!
      I think questions are a sign of a curious, intelligent mind! Besides I’m always delighted to share. I have been experimenting with a few “apps” on my computer, just for fun and also to branch out a bit from photography. This one is called sketchbook express (Apple) It was easy and fun to use and I’m planning to try it again soon.


      1. Well it was very successful as I spent some time pondering the picture. The use of colour is effective and the shapes draw me in. I think it is because I adore stained glass windows and this piece is a bit like a modern window! Oh well, keep experimenting- it’s great. I think you may have discovered yet another talent!!


Thank you!

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