blackberries and day lilies
as a five year old
this passion for wild things
still lives in me

Bamboo Hut Vol 2 Issue 1

 My Blogs

The Healthy Nut   –  the first blog I created  after retiring from a career in nursing.  My  care plan to maintain myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.    Meander along with me in the garden, in the kitchen, out hiking, curling up with a good book and wherever else this crazy life leads me.  Here is where you’ll find photos, some poetry and a recipe or two when the spirit moves me to cook something good! I wrote lots of poetry on this blog until I decided to move my poetic musings to Wabi Sabi poems and images in November of 2012.

Wabi Sabi –  poems and images!  This blog has become a compilation of my published  poems and haiga over the past nine years.

Wabi – simple, humble, in tune with nature, ‘understands the wisdom of rocks and grasshoppers.’ Tadao Ando
Sabi – patina or  tarnishing that comes with age and the acceptance of impermanence and imperfection.

Although there is much more to the wabi-sabi aesthetic, for me it means finding beauty in imperfection – my own and the world’s.   I make poems and art with quiet joy and the knowledge that all is fleeting.

Take Off Your Sandals – I am blessed to have found a way that seems to work for me, to touch the Spirit that dwells in all things, including me.  I listen daily to this Spirit, using the words in various sacred books, including the Bible,  nature, walking, meditation and yoga to help me hear. Take Off Your Sandals, a recently conceived blog,  is an evolving record of this journey.




23 thoughts on “About

    • And thank you for your wonderful comments. I am just getting used to WordPress and I tried to find your blog before but I couldn’t click through from your ‘gravatar’ to your home page for some reason. I finally found the link on the Haiku Heights site! Looking forward to reading your poems .


  1. Doesn’t this “about” say it all?! So little says so much. I can’t imagine a better intro, WabiSabi, for someone who obviously loves Haiku.

    I read a lot of Haiku on the ‘Net. I’ve never studied them so I am no adjudicator. However, I’ve just finished reading a number of yours and little implosions were happening such as I do not experience often with others. I so appreciate your creative, succinct and sensual descriptions – poetry and haiku. Example? Blushing trumpets. Companioning…

    Speaking of companioning, your photos are gorgeous and apropos.


    • Thank you for your kind comments. Succinct seems more important to me lately…as though I only have so many words and I don’t want to waste them! Thank you for visiting.


  2. Thank you for your visit and comment to ‘Do You Read Me’ – I thought I recognized you, as I have your site bookmarked. 🙂

    While it is rare, I do occasionally re-write a piece. But it is not fun to be so totally miss-read that one gets, well basically ‘kicked in the head’. While I do understand that folks reading can and will take there own interpretations – I also sometimes feel that stepping back from warranted negativism is a safe course of action.

    I have read and enjoyed several of your Mindful Writing posts. But it isn’t easy to leave commentary there on the WOWH blog. I also enjoy haiku, tanka and renga as well as other short forms. I do hope we meet again. Thank you.


  3. What a wonderful pairing of art and haiku. I find the older I get, the less I have to say, where when I was younger I had to tell everybody everything. 🙂 I think that is what draws me to your work; nothing superfluous- straight to the essence.


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