Ghosts of the Ancients

ghosts of the ancients
cast their towering shadows
on the holy ground                        


seeds from my father’s garden
still bloom under a day moon



For Carpe Diem Tan Renga – ghosts of the ancients


Life Completes Circle

life completes circle
at the end of the journey
death draws the last line                            
~                                                                              (Sara McNulty)
the divine Artist’s hand
colors the day into night                                       (WS)

Tan Renga prompt  at Carpe Diem – ‘life completes circle’


By The Garden Path

November is Tan Renga month at Carpe Diem.  We are challenged to complete a tan renga by adding two lines to another poet’s haiku.
by the garden path
an upside down flowerpot
cottage for a toad 
                                                     (Mark M. Redfearn)

unless that fey leprechaun
moves himself in  first                    (WS)


Here is a photo from my garden taken in early spring 2007. The flower pot was, indeed, an invitation for toads (or leprechauns) to move into my tiny paradise. Alas, I was never able to catch a photo of the little old man although my grandson is quite sure that he roams the garden when no one else is looking!


Toad House 2007
Toad House 2007


Tan Renga – Carpe Diem

Today, I am delighted to participate in the prompt at Carpe Diem for a very personal reason. Kris is featuring my poem, which I posted a few weeks ago. The original post is here : Many Conversations A Haibun/Haiga

The challenge is to add two lines to another poet’s haiku to complete the tan renga.  The added lines can and should echo something in the poem but can shift the meaning in any direction the second poet desires.


        at sunrise

        no words between lovers

        just a kiss

                                                                       a butterfly warming

                                                                       to every blossom


©2013 Wabi Sabi

For Carpe Diem ‘ tan renga -just a kiss’ Follow this link to see how other poets completed my haiku!