Evening Romance

Republished in The Haiku Way of Healing

Ed. by Robert Epstein 2022

Originally published in Failed Haiku A Journal of English Senryu

March 2020





Car Sick

They arrive at lunch time and, although the cottage isn’t far from the beach, the heat is oppressive. After eating, they all pile into the car for the short ride to the ocean.  It’s a big Oldsmobile and three adults fit into the front seat. Her uncle volunteers to sit in the back with the four children. He coaxes the eight year old to get on his lap,”to make more room.” She feels much too big for this and immediately feels awkward about it.  Without warning, he begins moving his hands in a way that makes her very uncomfortable. She doesn’t know what to do and tries to move over but he restrains her. His hand is insistent. The back seat is unbearably hot and she can not catch her breath. She asks her mother how far the beach is, hoping she will turn around.  She doesn’t. 

dark shadow
the Cooper’s hawk pounces
on a chickadee

Published in Haibun Journal Vol 4.2