Scented Garden

Scented Garden



Recuerda Mi Corazon – haiku my heart


Winter Question



How is it possible that,
 on a morning when the clouds,
curling back upon themselves,
and  giving up only momentary corridors of bare sky,
on a morning when those maddeningly small tokens of blue
taunt and tease a rain-weary,  fog-weary heart,
how, I ask again,
is it that the sighing wind,
 bending toward the naked oak tree,
can carry a burst of bird song
through the myriad layers
of a morose winter morning,
piercing the frozen edges of  a january nap
prodding and poking me out of  my
january nest?

By what miracle does a Carolina wren,
the tiniest of wintering birds,
on the gloomiest of winter days,
sing in the only voice
the universe gave it,
an April voice,
conjuring up a stunning moment of spring,
and bestowing a blessing
on the rain besotted morning,
 anointing my eyes and ears
with the chrism of its winter anthem,
just in time to save my dispirited soul
from the depths of winter silence?


©2014 Wabi Sabi

Wren at the Feeder ©2014 WS
Wren at the Feeder ©2014 WS
Carolina Wren ©2014 WS
Carolina Wren ©2014 WS

Inspired by Alice Keys ‘ Morning Song

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Rest in Peace , Joe

St Joseph the Protector
The Holy Family


I ‘met’ Joe Spado aka Spadoman at Haiku My Heart one Friday  last year and have been deeply moved by his writing and his stories ever since.  He always had an encouraging word to brighten my day whenever he visited my blog.  I rejoiced with him when he took his last bike trip and mourned with him when he gave up riding. I loved his sense of humor!

Always, I felt more peaceful after a visit to his blog or after reading his comments on mine.   I was saddened to read that he had passed away suddenly yesterday.  I am sharing this, one of my favorite images of Mary in his honor.

 Peace be with you, Joe, and with your family.

For  Recuerda Mi Corazon – A Virgin a Day



From My Garden to Yours


mere leaves

alchemy in a woman’s hand

grow into love




I looked hard for a postcard to send to the hot and arid Arizona landscape, from which so much love and joy arrives each week. I am blessed to receive Rebecca’s loving posts from her blog Recuerda Mi Corazon.

Lemon Verbena
Lemon Verbena

 Sometimes  she sends flowers, sometimes poetry, always there are the joyful and rich colors of her world. And always she sends an outpouring of love.  It reaches me here in my watery island world which is, at the moment, filled with green.  

Bronze Fennel
Bronze Fennel

Saturday, a virtual package arrived – delicious gorgeous hibiscus tea in icy pitchers -perfect for a hot summer day.  My favorite tea!


 I can not grow hibiscus here in this temperate zone, but I can order it from an organic grower and I do.  It has become one of my favorite ingredients to add to various herbal teas that I make for summer and winter use.  


Many of the herbs I use in my teas are growing where I can reach out and touch them as I type.  I felt so much joy as I wandered my tiny garden yesterday.  The intricate designs on each leaf  caught my attention as I wondered about the Creator’s design for me.  


So here is my offering to you, Rebecca.  Photos of my herbs – up close – showing their beautifully designed leaves.

African Basil
African Basil

 Each one can be added to your tea, for nutrition, healing, calm, rejuvenation, sleep, vitality.  Gifts from our great green earth! 


 May you drink your tea in good health and may you know that your beautiful garden, Recuerda Mi Corazon, grows here in my part of the world!

With love!


For Recuerda Mi Corazon ‘postcards from paradise’

My Head is Beating with Wishes

My head is beating with wishes
said the great King Ginevra,
they are straight out of the costume dispenser,
where the clouds are made of Paris,
the day is made of swirling capes to wear on the cusp of morning,
 air is peppermint  basil to go  with a bite of  sunlight,
 blue mangoes and frozen kiwis,
so let’s sail around in the Caribbean, full of smiling fish,
 bring the owl  who ate too many toads and now is made of ribbits,
he smells like a knock- knock joke and sings with the rubberized cow.
King Ginevra goes to look for a painted mermaid hanging in the sky,
and roams the nighttime ocean,
  cawing birds follow him down the drowsy hole
and they float to the  Eiffel Tower without a single band-aid emergency.
He returns early in the morning, 
 drinking  banana tea with honey,
and eating a bacon muffin too.
Soon after breakfast, the great King Ginevra decides
that the theme for today is jungle.
Head still beating with wishes, he scoots on over
to ride the Q train to the popcorn zoo
or maybe to the moon.
©2013 Wabi Sabi

Happy Father”s Day to all fathers (and mothers) who encourage their children to dream, wish and imagine!

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