Red Leaves

red leaves
new flannel pj’s arrive
on my doorstep


Prune Juice

Autumn 2018



Steady Rain


2018 Jane Reichhold  Memorial Haiga Contest

Third Place in Photographic Division


Published simultaneously in

Prune Juice A Journal of Senryu, Kyoka, Haibun and Haiga


Failed Haiku A Journal of English Senryu

November 5, 2018

Commentary by Steve Hodge, judge of the photographic haiga section:

“I loved this haiga the moment I saw it. As with many senryu, I like its simple premise – two people taking advantage of a steady rain to drop what they were doing and sit and hold hands. No metaphors or profound hidden meanings. Does the “steady” rain indicate that the couple are going steady or have enjoyed a steady relationship? Nope. Not for me. Does the wilted flower indicate that trouble may lay ahead for this couple? Nope again. Is it a romantic couple? A parent and child? Siblings? Who cares! It’s a lovely moment and a lovely image. That’s more than enough for me.”

A Stretch

A Stretch

The truth is, I was born outside of my comfort zone, thank you very much, and now that I am beginning my eighth decade, I want to crawl into my happy place and stay there forever, preferably with a blanket and a cup of tea. I don’t have the energy to think outside the box.  

nodding off —
the i-pad slips
from my knees

Prune Juice: A Journal of Senryu

July 2018