Soft Breezes

Black & White Haiga/Haisha

August 10, 2020


Haiku My Heart – Hiking

The winter woods hold the silence I crave.  Though barren and bereft of green, lacking in birdsong, and harboring  a dampness that can get into my bones, I have come to love the winter.  It is my desert place.  I can hear myself think in the winter.  And sometimes I can hear the wisdom voice that whispers in us all.  Wandering the silent woods, I discover a stark and singular beauty not present in the lushness of the other seasons.  How blessed am I!

Footbridge in the Woods © 2014 Wabi Sabi
Footbridge in the Woods © 2014 Wabi Sabi

For Recuerda Mi Corazon – Haiku My Heart



The Dreamer:

Awake, my child 
come out to play with me
in the universe –
we can laugh at the gurgling brook
and sing with the mockingbird,
I know you heard my owl last night
you took delight in the hooo…hooo…hoo -ing
even as you slumbered on…
Did you know, I took delight in your delight?

The Child:

Oh Dreamer! Let me  drop everything
to come out to play with you,
show me every star in every galaxy,
I want to  fly through the sky
with the birds and the bees,
roll in the soft cool grass
and cover myself with cherry blossoms,
What a playground you have made for me!
Am I awake or asleep, Dreamer?

The Dreamer (laughing) :

It doesn’t matter, my child,
because, awake or asleep,
you are a dreamer,
just like me.

©2014 Wabi Sabi

Haiku My Heart -Thankful


 cloudy morning –

the old woman waits in darkness

for news


gathering sunlight and hope

from a garden of psalms


 a tiny baby

back in his mother’s arms

safe again


a hummingbird finding home

settles into its nest


©2013 Wabi Sabi

I’m experimenting today with a bit of tanka – which I think of as  haiku plus two (lines) My grandson (seven weeks old) had surgery at six AM this morning, which inspired this poem.  He is doing well, and I can breathe again.  Thank God.

For Recuerda Mi Corazon ‘haiku my heart’

The Gospel According to a Labrador Retriever



taking her leave

down the trail

 through ragged weeds

along the pilgrim’s way,

in need of a friend

or  a conscience, perhaps,

she sees  the animal approach

with a cryptic note,

surreal, unreal,

the message warrants a second reading,


the dog translates.

 Of course, he is a lab,

a retriever,

and, make no mistake,

he kisses friends

and strangers alike,

no strings attached,

(that’s what the note says)

the pilgrim continues

down the rocky path,

stumbling over the foreigner,

half buried,

clothing in tatters,

 he’s sick,

he’s dirty,

he’s close to death,

but she detects a heartbeat,

altogether unnerved,

 she recalls the message,

 and slowly kisses away the muck,

with a lot of help from the dog,


it turns out,

followed her the whole messy way.


©2013 Wabi Sabi

For Sunday Whirl ‘ #117’

For d’Verse ‘open link night’




when pain enters the room

and noise  – like thick smoke,

climbs into the bed

with orders to distract and torment

the truth is, it’s impossible to pray;

when voices rudely shout

 setting off alarms somewhere behind the eyes

scaring the familiar silence away

you risk everything, even a tumble out the window

brimming, swimming with all your might

you try to listen

but all you hear is the brass band in your head,

 there is a great pressure where once there was equilibrium

 you are lost in the cacophony

    choking on your own words,

until a buttery sulphur, a-fluttering,

happens by your window

and wraps you in its prayer.


© 2013 Wabi Sabi 

For Sunday Whirl #116