The Dreamer:

Awake, my child 
come out to play with me
in the universe –
we can laugh at the gurgling brook
and sing with the mockingbird,
I know you heard my owl last night
you took delight in the hooo…hooo…hoo -ing
even as you slumbered on…
Did you know, I took delight in your delight?

The Child:

Oh Dreamer! Let me  drop everything
to come out to play with you,
show me every star in every galaxy,
I want to  fly through the sky
with the birds and the bees,
roll in the soft cool grass
and cover myself with cherry blossoms,
What a playground you have made for me!
Am I awake or asleep, Dreamer?

The Dreamer (laughing) :

It doesn’t matter, my child,
because, awake or asleep,
you are a dreamer,
just like me.

©2014 Wabi Sabi


Kikaku’s poem to honor his master Basho, who had just died is filled with symbolism.  To a Westerner, these symbols are not always apparent.  To learn the history of Kikaku’s poem, go to Carpe Diem where Kristjaan Pannemann has written a detailed explanation.  I have attempted to imitate Kikaku’s use of symbols  to convey a deeper meaning in my poem.


 last gingko leaf 

              the snowy owl watching

  this bitter winter


©2013 WabiSabi

For Carpe Diem ‘ Kikaku – white crane’

How I wish to call
A white crane from Fukei,
But for this cold rain.