Seagull Cry


seagull cry
a woman calls
her lost child


Haiku Foundation – A Sense of Place

July 18, 2018



                   a whisper of dawn
                                          in mother’s weeping cherry

Haigaonline Tree Challenge

Spring 2018

Distraction 101

I accompany my daughter to the surgical center in predawn darkness. My three year old grandson is scheduled for a procedure. He wants a drink of water, which is not allowed before anesthesia. He is very focused on his need for liquid. When we leave the house his mother points to the moon, still high in the sky. He asks, ” Mama, can we drive right under the moon?” “Sure, Bud,” says his mom. He stops asking for a drink, the unpleasantness of his thirst forgotten for the moment.

rock star
all eyes
turn to watch

Failed Haiku : A Journal of English Senryu

March 2017