old monk sips

white willow bark tea

the setting moon



old monk joins

 willows singing a praise song

 the rising Son


  I don’t usually explain my poems but today I am feeling the need to do just that.  White willow bark tea was used for centuries to relieve pain.  It contains the substance salicin, from which aspirin was originally derived.

   These two poems are linked in my mind because, in the first verse,  my ‘monk’ is  facing west, in pain, probably  sad.  In the second verse, he turns and gains a new perspective, of the sun rising.  And he joins the  willows in praising the (risen) Son, the One who does not always take away our pain, but presumably, offers us another kind of healing.

This is where the prompt ‘willow’ led me today as I prepare to celebrate Easter.  My wish for all is that you experience whatever peace and healing you need and desire, whether you are celebrating Easter or Passover, or simply the arrival of spring (or autumn)


©WabiSabi 2013

For Carpe Diem ‘willow’