when pain enters the room

and noise  – like thick smoke,

climbs into the bed

with orders to distract and torment

the truth is, it’s impossible to pray;

when voices rudely shout

 setting off alarms somewhere behind the eyes

scaring the familiar silence away

you risk everything, even a tumble out the window

brimming, swimming with all your might

you try to listen

but all you hear is the brass band in your head,

 there is a great pressure where once there was equilibrium

 you are lost in the cacophony

    choking on your own words,

until a buttery sulphur, a-fluttering,

happens by your window

and wraps you in its prayer.


© 2013 Wabi Sabi 

For Sunday Whirl #116

The River

just before dawn
the river Silence
I dive in
to ancient psalms 
sing their poetry
tapping deeper
 touching the pain 
swimming through
to the still, silent pool
reaching for a whisper 
a single metaphor,
murmured underwater
an echo…. maybe joy 
and coming up
for air 
then seeing
the sun rise
hearing the sky shout, 
I breathe,
find a voice,
and sing.
©WabiSabi 2013

For Poets United ‘Poetry Pantry’


Antiphon for the Solstice

Sunset ©WabiSabi 2012
Sunset ©WabiSabi 2012
Radiant Dawn enter our hearts
an orange sunset
shot through  with purple bruises
a bitter cold night
Radiant Dawn enter our hearts
a bitter cold  night
pregnant with  the silent stars
waiting for the dawn
Radiant Dawn enter our hearts
waiting for the  dawn
to deliver winter light
an orange sunrise
Radiant Dawn enter our hearts
Sunrise ©Wabi Sabi 2012
Sunrise ©Wabi Sabi 2012
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