How Is It Possible – Hedgerow # 17

How Is It Possible

on a morning when the clouds
curl back upon themselves,
and give up only momentary corridors of bare sky,
on a morning when those maddeningly small tokens of blue
taunt and tease a rain-weary, fog-weary heart,
how is it that the sighing wind,
bending toward the naked oak tree,
can carry a burst of bird song
through the myriad layers
of a morose winter morning,
piercing the frozen edges of a february nap
prodding and poking me out of my february nest?

By what miracle does a Carolina wren,
the tiniest of wintering birds,
on the gloomiest of winter days,
sing in the only voice
the universe gave it,
an April voice,
conjuring up a stunning moment of spring,
and bestowing a blessing
on the rain besotted morning,
anointing my eyes and ears
with the chrism of its winter anthem,
just in time to save my despairing soul
from the depths of this winter silence?

hedgerow – a journal of small poems #17

February 20, 2015


Looking For Red-Wings ©2014 WS
Looking For Red-Wings ©2014 WS

Mother Earth tosses out hints of the coming change in season, if we pay attention.

First Sign of Spring  – Click here to learn about this harbinger of spring in my part of the world.  I heard ( and briefly spotted) two male red-wings today on my morning walk. They declined a photo-op but their song is unmistakable! Glory be!

Click here to listen to the Red Winged Blackbird’s song.

Carpe Diem -Mother Earth