Haiku My Heart – Open

the heart holds many things –
joy and sorrow sit together  –
nestled… inseparable
within the depths of each of us.
when we are privileged to hold
another’s suffering
the heart can feel as though it may burst…
but somehow it makes room……
and this space feels  sacred,
  indeed, it is sacred
coming, as it does,
 from the divine within us.

Grand Rounds

gods in white coats
walk up and down the hall
selling hope
the nurse’s hand
on his broken neck
sweating profusely
the needle slips in
carrying him from pain
to oblivion
the  sound
after the last breath
sigh of relief
renders her tongue useless
brain stormed
flying manic
look ma – no hands
high wire act

his appointment
tethered to dialysis
three times a week
close your eyes
walk  fifteen minutes
 in my blind shoes
 dont leave
this dreadful pain
alone with  me
what day is it?
do you know where you are?
who is president?
ninety- five 
fit as a farmer in spring
new pacemaker
new diagnosis
an ovarian monster
she doesn’t cry
through the windshield
pupils fixed and dilated
 first grader
which words
explain X-ray results
to stricken parents?
gods in white coats
walk up and down the hall
begging for hope
©WabiSabi 2013

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