Haiku My Heart – Grateful

The pilgrims who are trudging through winter at the moment, are nearing the end of that particular journey.  They are weary and tend to forget to be grateful for the silver mornings of late February and early March. The sun, slowly wending its way back to the North, shines silver through the bare gray branches of the deciduous trees.  What is left of the snow sparkles as it slowly melts.  Even the gray sparrows, beginning their annual dance of procreation, dart in and out of the trees, seemingly capturing pieces of the sunlight, with which they build their nests.


bitter cold morning
and yet….
the blackbird sings!


For Carpe Diem – grateful acceptance

For Recuerda Mi Corazon – haiku my heart

  Just when I am too full of winter, just when the thermometer drops again to 10 degrees F, and I am on the verge of forgetting to be thankful for what IS, along comes a singer in the woods to remind me to say  – Thank you, God.  Click HERE to see  the haiga I created yesterday after I heard the red-winged blackbird’s lovely song on my morning walk.

Haiku My Heart – Singing

A poem-maker lives with silence, happily straining to hear what the trees whisper to the raindrops. It is winter and the rain is welcome.  It arrives with warmer temperatures and  the scent of the ocean.

After Christmas, she receives a gift – three gifts, really.  A daughter arrives with her husband and new baby  for an extended visit while their new place is made ready.

Silence departs to make room for the guests.  The poem-maker puts aside the pen and listens to the new sounds.

The baby gurgles, squeals, giggles and trills along all day, even singing himself to sleep.  She hears her daughter sing – and everyone joins in the song…. and the laughter.  Soon, she can even hear her own heart singing.  And it sounds like the gentle patter of winter rain on the roof.

©2014 WS
©2014 WS


a mother’s voice –
the sound of winter rain
a whispered lullaby


For Recuerda Mi Corazon – haiku my heart

For Carpe Diem – heart sutra

Haiku My Heart – Hiking

The winter woods hold the silence I crave.  Though barren and bereft of green, lacking in birdsong, and harboring  a dampness that can get into my bones, I have come to love the winter.  It is my desert place.  I can hear myself think in the winter.  And sometimes I can hear the wisdom voice that whispers in us all.  Wandering the silent woods, I discover a stark and singular beauty not present in the lushness of the other seasons.  How blessed am I!

Footbridge in the Woods © 2014 Wabi Sabi
Footbridge in the Woods © 2014 Wabi Sabi

For Recuerda Mi Corazon – Haiku My Heart

Stirring Hope

Winter Coneflowers ©2013 Wabi Sabi
Coneflower Seed Heads in Winter ©2013 Wabi Sabi


In deep winter, after all the seeds have flown away,
the remnants of the coneflowers remind me of the promise of new life.
I hold on to the rough beauty of winter, embracing its
lessons, embracing its hope, and most of all its  emptiness.
The winter is for emptying, then waiting,
with patience in the darkness, for the seeds of life
and love to refill my waiting soul.


For Carpe Diem – wild flowers

For Recuerda Mi Corazon – haiku my heart

Haiku My Hopeful Heart


It seems that what we long for most in this season of darkness and silence,
this season of dormancy and cold,

is a glimmer of hope.

 We hunger for meaning in our lives,
for the warmth of another’s loving touch,
for something to believe in with open waiting hearts.

 Sometimes that glimmer comes in the unexpected catch in the throat at the sight of a winter sunset
or in the look of joy on a child’s face,
in a half remembered dream that fills us with ecstasy,
or it comes when we take to heart  the outrageous idea that we can find a way to love one another –
in spite of different cultures, languages, divergent philosophies and beliefs.

I created this haiga and sent it as a Christmas card to all my family and friends this year
I am posting it for all of you,
the friends I have come to know across the world
through your words, your poetry and your warm and wonderful comments on my writing.

In this season of  anticipation,
may each and every one of you experience the peace
that can come with an open heart filled with hope.


Red Twig Dogwood in Winter©2013 Wabi Sabi
Red Twig Dogwood in Winter©2013 Wabi Sabi

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