Flight of Fancy


flight of fancy
if I could I would
choose wings
every girl needs
one super power

kanaunara / tsubasa erabite/ yume ni tobu/ jyoshi onoononi/ supapawa
Tanka: Barbara Kaufmann
Painting: Mary E. Rodning
Translation and calligraphy: Hiromi Inoue
Compiled haiga: Jasminka Nadaškić Đorđević

This lovely painting by Mary Rodning was the prompt for the Autumn 2018 issue of Haigaonline. My tanka was chosen and was translated into Japanese. The calligraphy was placed on the painting to form a traditional haiga.  Here is the link to the page on Haigaonline.  Please go to the page to enjoy the music that was added to enhance the experience of this collaborative work.  I am delighted and honored that my poem was chosen and I am ever grateful to Linda M. Papanicoloau for her dedication to the art of haiga by publishing  Haigaonline.