The Gospel According to a Labrador Retriever



taking her leave

down the trail

 through ragged weeds

along the pilgrim’s way,

in need of a friend

or  a conscience, perhaps,

she sees  the animal approach

with a cryptic note,

surreal, unreal,

the message warrants a second reading,


the dog translates.

 Of course, he is a lab,

a retriever,

and, make no mistake,

he kisses friends

and strangers alike,

no strings attached,

(that’s what the note says)

the pilgrim continues

down the rocky path,

stumbling over the foreigner,

half buried,

clothing in tatters,

 he’s sick,

he’s dirty,

he’s close to death,

but she detects a heartbeat,

altogether unnerved,

 she recalls the message,

 and slowly kisses away the muck,

with a lot of help from the dog,


it turns out,

followed her the whole messy way.


©2013 Wabi Sabi

For Sunday Whirl ‘ #117’

For d’Verse ‘open link night’