American Goldfinch Haibun

   Every winter we are blessed with a small flock of American Goldfinches. They winter over in our yard.  They are easily persuaded to stay since we provide them with lots of Nyger seed and fresh water.  We lure them in  with a stand of Purple Coneflowers which go to seed just in time to attract their attention.  Once they find us, we keep the seed coming all winter.

 Goldfinches turn a dull buff color with only the slightest hint of gold on their flanks in winter.   They are tiny, have a lovely song(which ceases in winter) and they play nicely with other birds.  They are one of the few birds that can eat up-side down and goldfinch feeders are made this way to keep pesky birds from eating the finch food. (see photo below)

  In early spring, they gradually turn bright yellow.  If one isn’t paying close attention though, the change can seem sudden and dramatic.  These little songbirds are like flying flowers.  Coincidentally, the bright yellow forsythia blooms  at the same time that the Goldfinches are putting on their ‘courting’ coats!



a tiny finch alighting

turns yellow


Goldfinch in Winter
Goldfinch in summer


Birds can teach us much about their nature, the world around us, even how to live.  They are truly our closest friends in the natural world.  They come in all colors and sizes and have the enviable talent of being able to fly.  They come right to our back door and can entertain for hours.  And they sing their stories to us in a hundred different melodies!


can you hear

the birds tell their story

a soft melody 


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For Carpe Diem ‘ storyteller haibun’