Irish Stew

Irish stew
stirring up memories
of my grandmother

Prune Juice 

March 2017


Haiku My Heart With Golden Stars and Sunflowers


seeing stars

takes on a whole new meaning

after surgery


   During my stay in a hospital this past week for surgery, I was so blessed to be surrounded by golden stars.



I did not miss the night sky.



There were caring doctors and nurses and dozens of others who, in a million small ways, lit the way for me.




My sweet partner and my children , ever there,  ever ready to help, are the golden lights of my life -beacons in the darkness, giving comfort with just a look or a word or a light touch. 



And of course, there were a few moments of darkness when I saw stars from pain or fear.  



In that darkness, a still, small light, the star that guards and guides my life, burned steady.  When all else is gone this Light never leaves me. 



When I arrived home, the stars in my garden had been getting a small welcoming party ready for me.  This morning there were golden stars everywhere I looked!

 I am truly blessed.



how can I not smile

seeing your golden face –



©2013 photos and words Wabi Sabi

For Recuerda Mi Corazon ‘haiku my heart’

For Carpe Diem ‘sunflower’

I may be slow to visit but I will make my way around!


  The  bird’s reflection
flickers in the waning light
an instant before it crashes
into the window
and dies.

Are her tears for the bird
lying on the cold ground below,

or for the sparrow of her heart,

the one who bolts
along the highway,
demons  on board,
 hurtling, careening,

banging her head 
on bridges 
and stanchions,

never slowing down

for love or money
but always managing
to kick up a dust storm
and come to a stop
just before the  mortal blow?

So far.

The winter sun

retreats on crutches,
toward the western sky,
taking tears with it,
bouncing them off the glass window
with the soft rushing clouds,

an instant before
their reflection

fades and dies.
©2012 WabiSabi
Shared with Poets United