Blooming Haiku Take 2 and 3

Here are two more responses to the prompt ‘early bloom’ at Carpe Diem.  My mind ranges all over the place and I’m never sure that my  finished poem  (a) addresses the prompt or (b) is haiku or senryu.   The first one refers to a discovery I made in my garden  a few weeks ago.  I found a tiny primrose blooming under the dead leaves!


blooming too soon

this delicate flower

catches her death


   I love humor in haiku but seldom achieve it to my satisfaction. Many other poets who share  on Carpe Diem have a knack for humor and often give me a chuckle or a belly laugh!    The first one below is still an  attempt to  respond to the prompt and reflects my poetic insecurities:


a pretty verse

flowers from my fountain pen

but is it haiku?


This transformed itself  right before my eyes into this one.  The prompt is completely gone but I think it reflects my  gut feelings much better!!


is this verse

flowing from my pen

bloody haiku?


©Wabi Sabi 2013