Joy Ride

Joy Ride
think how your body moved down the avenue of fourteen
hips swaying into tomorrow and the next day
 how you curl your tongue around the idea of chocolate
consumed by it even as your body consumes it
 how your eyes connect with other eyes,
locking you into that inevitable, unforgettable  dance
and feel how your body shudders and utters delight
when you share its secrets
 how Beethoven ravaged, savaged your heart
invading, vibrating a joyous ode across tiny ear drums
 how your skin felt like silk when you dove into the ocean,
 and the salt-flecked water blessed, caressed and ate you
 how your body worked to roll out another and another  body,
sweating and pushing,  pushing and sweating you bore them out
 then swooned at the scent of brand new-born pouring
 into every open door your body owns
 how you are stunned when you rise from a daydream
 and your eyes run across the sky, immense, intense with clouds
 how you glow when a little boy stops playing
to  touch your cheek lightly, politely planting a kiss 
 how a river of pleasure runs through your nose 
when a rose shrugs off its holy fragrance
and oh,
feel how your heart pumped as you jumped on your bike
willing your eight year old legs to ride forever
how you soared, when you stopped on the road to Yosemite, awed
and had to lie on the hood of the car to keep from falling into the stars
and how your heart sings in time with the birds
when spring arrives to banish, vanish winter
  your body convulses and  pulses with  laughter, 
 tears flowing, you fall down on the floor 
 when you think what an impossible joy-ride
it has given you
     ever since you climbed aboard
at your naked, gasping birth.
©WabiSabi 2013


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