The Dreamer:

Awake, my child 
come out to play with me
in the universe –
we can laugh at the gurgling brook
and sing with the mockingbird,
I know you heard my owl last night
you took delight in the hooo…hooo…hoo -ing
even as you slumbered on…
Did you know, I took delight in your delight?

The Child:

Oh Dreamer! Let me  drop everything
to come out to play with you,
show me every star in every galaxy,
I want to  fly through the sky
with the birds and the bees,
roll in the soft cool grass
and cover myself with cherry blossoms,
What a playground you have made for me!
Am I awake or asleep, Dreamer?

The Dreamer (laughing) :

It doesn’t matter, my child,
because, awake or asleep,
you are a dreamer,
just like me.

©2014 Wabi Sabi


Bumblebee©WabiSabi 2013
Bumblebee©WabiSabi 2013


If the bees disappear will summer, as we know it,  disappear too?

The above haiga is my response to the prompt at Poetry Jam to write a poem about ‘bees.’ Also for the prompt ‘chariot’ at Carpe Diem

Some may recognize this photo as my WordPress gravatar.   Bees are pretty important to me and this photo has many layers of meaning for me, not the least of which is the importance of the bumblebee to our environment.

So be kind to a bee!  Plant some flowers and forget the insecticides!