Crystal Ball

Last spring, when the pandemic was raging around the globe for the first time, a Facebook page called Haiku in the Time of Covid was formed by Danish poet Johannes S.H. Berg. Eventually, an anthology of  haiku poetry from that page  was published thanks to the hard  work of another poet, Margaret Dornaus. This poem appeared in the anthology and I created this digital painting to post here.


crystal ball
the fortune-teller sees
dark clouds

behind the mask: haiku in the time of covid


Edited by Margaret Lane Dornaus

In Clover

The design on the fern fronds gets me wondering about how it all began. Who, or what, set the world into motion?  A young bunny hops out of the herb garden. There must be a billion white flowers in my lawn.

milky way
all the questions
no one can answer


Failed Haiku: A Journal of English Senryu

September 2020