Haiku Whirl



oil painting –

the seated man pauses

for the ages


wet sidewalk-

reflecting  city lights

inky sky


planting a tree- the hole too close to the house


fire pit-

feathery sparks

chasing mosquitos



scarlet bee balm –

summer drink


bamboo shoots sway

keeping time

with the shadows


an old woman

doubting every step

lost in the woods


Seated Man by Picasso

(The Seated Man  – inspiration for the first poem, this was painted by Picasso late in his life, when he was confined to a wheelchair)

For Sunday Whirl #124

For Carpe Diem ” Imagination #6 Picasso’s ‘The Seated Man’ “

Kikaku’s ‘A Flock of Swallows’

The inspiration poem:


above the sea

           a rainbow, erased by

      a flock of swallows




My offerings:


across the lake

                     a cloud of gnats disappears

    into the swallows



outside the window –

a mockingbird, erasing

the silence




my joie de vivre – swallowed by another heat wave



©2013 Wabi Sabi

For Carpe Diem ” ‘Kikaku’s ‘a flock of swallows’ “