The Journey Begins



new year’s day
dipping the pen into the well –
a new chapter



 winter reverie –
the urge to run away
with the train whistle



the hustle and bustle
searching all the strange faces –
Grand Central platform


© 2014 Wabi Sabi

Haiku Heights – expectation

Carpe Diem  – catch up –
Jan 1 – Aleph

Jan 2 – Yaroslavsky Terminal Moscow

Jan 3 – Yaroslavl

Like Bjorn, I was tempted to do this month of prompts as haibun.  I think the idea of a train trip, based on a novel, lends itself to a bit of prose with the haiku.  Alas I have an extremely busy month and may be among the  missing at times. These prompts are a bit more challenging for me and I may not have the time right now to prepare a post every day.  I will participate whenever I can.  One more thing.  Today’s prompt took me to Grand Central Station in New York City!  So I may not be on the same train as the rest of you!  I have to go where the prompt takes me! Enjoy your ride!!