Painting the Porch

It is mid-summer and the old woman has not seen a single raindrop in several weeks.  She tries to conjure the look, the sound, the feel of rain, but only the sun beats its rhythm all around her.  With not even a thunderstorm in the forecast, she searches the sky in vain.   As she glances west,  the evening sky splashes her with its own gift!


summer sunset –

painting the  porch walls

hot pink


©2013 Wabi Sabi

For Carpe Diem

‘sweeping the porch
bright prints of raindrops
followed by splashes’

Jane Reichhold




catching a glimmer of sun

on the wing


raindrops –

singing a summer tune

on the roof


 soft breeze –

cooling, caressing

bare skin


 a raspberry –

exploding in my mouth

sugar red juice


a pungency –

creeping thyme on the path

crushed underfoot


 friends –

trudging the long rocky road

carrying the lantern 


©2013 Wabi Sabi

For Carpe Diem ‘inspiration’