Hot Romance

The summer is the best time to fall in love. Endless days with long, languid afternoons in the sun. The very definition of being young is to waste time as if it will last forever. Now I am old, but not too old to remember.

the tingle of salt water
on my skin

I am outdoors in the cool of the early morning, sipping tea and inhaling the breath that the trees have just exhaled.  Today will be humid like the day I met him. 

dew covers
my favorite bench
morning kiss


Failed Haiku A Journal of English Senryu 

July 2019

5 thoughts on “Hot Romance

  1. On a dark Welsh morning of drizzle and mist, your haibun carries me back through time and space to Lancashire, ’62. Aye, a young lass there was, met at school. But it was the summer hols now…

    Just a few weeks in the sun we had, cycling mostly, before I was spirited away with parents and family to a new home in a distant shire.

    Always great, isn’t it, when readers find something of themselves in our writing. Your ‘Hot Romance’ sure worked for me!

    My very best,



    • Hi Paul, Thank you so much for your comments. I guess you and I were enjoying summer romances in the same era. Oh, what a time it was! I was delighted to read that my writing stirred up some good memories for you! Be well.

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