3 thoughts on “Train Whistle

  1. Very cool, covering two of my favourite topics, trains, and snow!

    Gorgeous imagery, and wonderful coupling of the sound of a train and the colour of dusk before a night of snow. Magical!

    I also can’t wait for the train anthology to come out by Jacquie Pearce whom I’m hopefully seeing in person next month. 🙂

    train whistle

    a blackbird hops

    along its notes

    Alan Summers
    Publication credits: Presence #47 (2012)

    a ripple through fields
    whistling down the wind
    the train on its way

    Alan Summers
    Publication Credit: Blithe Spirit 26.2 (May 2016)

    And can’t resist:

    a flink of cows
    the blue before a night
    of falling snow

    Alan Summers
    Publication Credit: Blithe Spirit 2014

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    • Alan that is wonderful. Are you meeting on your side of the pond or ours? I too am looking forward to the anthology. what a great theme for an anthology! BTW your poems above, blew me away. I especially love the first two. Thank you for visiting.

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  2. My side of the Pond. We’ve had some wonderful haiku poets coming over from that side recently, and lots more to come before the year is over. 🙂



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