Rain Gear


rain gear

a flock of starlings

covers the gingko


Akitsu Quarterly 

Spring 2016


4 thoughts on “Rain Gear

  1. I love this blog – it’s the absolute highlight of my WordPress reader feed.

    I was recently nominated for something called a Liebster award, which is a bloggy “I like what you do” circle-thing. I just posted about it on my blog, and there’s some info there about how you can take part if you’re interested.

    There are all sorts of things the participants are meant to do, but to be honest if you just wanted to reply with a haiku it would be totally awesome.

    If not, well, no worries – I still think your blog’s really cool 🙂



    • Thank you kindly, Jess, for your comments about my blog. I am delighted that you enjoy reading my little poems! I am honored that you would nominate me for an award. Thank you for that.

      Here is a tiny poem for you:

      daffodils without answers after all is said and done


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