5 thoughts on “Chrysanthemum – Evening Mist

    • Hi Connie! Thank you for visiting my blog. Currently, most of my images are altered photos which I took myself. I use various programs and apps to achieve the look and feel I want for the image and the poem. There are hundreds of photo programs available today . My current favorites are Photoshop, Waterlogue, Picsart, and Phototoaster. I also dabble a bit with some that are more about drawing than photography. I am not an artist but it is fun to explore my inner child!


      • I tried Photoshop years ago and found the program too difficult. I will check out Waterlogue and Phototoaster. I use to paint and draw, and now have turned to photographing for the last 10 years. I use to use a Kodak program, but they no longer have it.

        I also write haiku, tanka, and Haibun, and thought I’d try my hand at Haiga using my photos. You do wonderful work. I’ve been follow you for awhile now, but did’t know how tol leave a reply. Not all that great with computers.

        Do you know of any Haiga groups that I could join?

        Barbara keep that camera clicking and keep writing. Connie

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        • It took mr a long time to warm up to photoshop too. The i-pad app for photoshop is easier to use than the program. There are many nice groups on Facebook for haiku/tanka/haiga . Most of the people who post are very supportive. Maybe I’ll see you there. Try Virtual Haiku and and Free Haiga. Good luck!


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