13 thoughts on “Morning Kiss

  1. You have a gift for pairing just the right haiku with your photos. This perfect pairing continues to be a problem for me. Either I have a good haiku (I think) and can’t find a photo to use for it or I have a great photo (again, I think) but can’t write a suitable haiku. Your pairings have just the right balance in mood and feeling. Sometimes I get the pairing just right, but lately, these past few weeks, I’m stuck. You have given me much inspiration.



    • Dear Adelaide, Thank you for your kind comments on my work. You are so right – getting the image and the words to ‘marry’ one another is one of the trickier aspects of haiga, in my opinion. the other thing that often gives me a challenge is to write words that compliment the image rather than describing it.
      I meditate and also take long walks and both these activities help me to create the haiga.
      When I feel stuck, I walk away from the poems for a few days.
      Your work, which I have been following ever since I happened upon a published piece of yours and then found my way to you blog, has been an inspiration to me ever since I began making haiga. Thank you for YOUR inspiration!


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