13 thoughts on “Poem-A-Day – April 5

  1. The other day it was the bird song that woke me. I think I might like birdsong woven dreaming.

    After waking from twisty visions…seeing the safety of one’s place, time to artfully roll over 🙂


    • Spring really needed a kick start this year! It was the never ending winter! My first draft of this was

      birdsong –
      coaxing the dream of spring
      into focus


  2. I found your site through the Wrtier’s Digest prompts; I very much appreciate your pairings of images and language and will enjoy seeing your April creations. I wondered–are these your photographs and drawings or do you pair them with those you find elsewhere?


    • Thank you for your kind comments! I’m delighted that you are enjoying these! All of the images I use are photos I’ve taken myself. some are altered. I have been experimenting with some art ‘apps’ recently to get different effects, depending on the poem (and my mood.)


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