Haiku My Heart – Grateful

The pilgrims who are trudging through winter at the moment, are nearing the end of that particular journey.  They are weary and tend to forget to be grateful for the silver mornings of late February and early March. The sun, slowly wending its way back to the North, shines silver through the bare gray branches of the deciduous trees.  What is left of the snow sparkles as it slowly melts.  Even the gray sparrows, beginning their annual dance of procreation, dart in and out of the trees, seemingly capturing pieces of the sunlight, with which they build their nests.


bitter cold morning
and yet….
the blackbird sings!


For Carpe Diem – grateful acceptance

For Recuerda Mi Corazon – haiku my heart

  Just when I am too full of winter, just when the thermometer drops again to 10 degrees F, and I am on the verge of forgetting to be thankful for what IS, along comes a singer in the woods to remind me to say  – Thank you, God.  Click HERE to see  the haiga I created yesterday after I heard the red-winged blackbird’s lovely song on my morning walk.

20 thoughts on “Haiku My Heart – Grateful

  1. I too am grateful for the reminder of song, the promise of winter melting into spring… more than ever on this wet, wet morning… thank you for this!


  2. It is wonderful to hear the bird song… but they might be silent when the next storm brews…
    Sunday eve to Monday anywhere from 1 – 12 inches.

    Monks must think the rest of the world is brave to live with so much stuff.
    Thanks for your visit. ~Jules


  3. I have loved redwing blackbirds from my high school days, and I love them still. What a cheery song! And your haibun conveys that cheer.


  4. I know that when the red-winged blackbirds return, it means spring has arrived. Haven’t seen any yet but I look forward to that day. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for each day’s blessings, no matter how cold the temperature.


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