Looking For Red-Wings ©2014 WS
Looking For Red-Wings ©2014 WS

Mother Earth tosses out hints of the coming change in season, if we pay attention.

First Sign of Spring  – Click here to learn about this harbinger of spring in my part of the world.  I heard ( and briefly spotted) two male red-wings today on my morning walk. They declined a photo-op but their song is unmistakable! Glory be!

Click here to listen to the Red Winged Blackbird’s song.

Carpe Diem -Mother Earth

12 thoughts on “There!

  1. I have red wing black birds in my area. Though I have not seen them yet…
    I did see two deer crossing in my yard this afternoon.
    I have an white ornamental weeping cherry that lost it’s weep…and last year got knocked down…but I am hoping with the prop I put under it… it will try to survive as the roots are still mostly in the ground and covered.

    I am looking forward to the greening of spring 🙂


  2. Been seeing many animals the last couple of weeks as they are getting ready for spring time, unfortunately i see them when i drive my car, and i can barely brake in time! But i haven’t hit one yet, and i would not be able to live with myself if i ever did that.

    Great read! Can’t wait for spring to fully arrive 🙂


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