In The Time Before Dawn



In the time before dawn
the sky is another  country,
all purple and windy, 
with a strand of pink haze
 wrapped around the horizon,
embracing the morning star,
 snuffing out her beauty
like a candle tilting in the bruised wind;

the gulls write their story
across the snow clouds,
their crying captures a word- juggler
in time’s lonely aspect
sustaining her in the warp and weft of the storm.

The poet planned an epic tale,
woven out of the fugue state of winter
sent by the devils of the night,
but her meager notes mention
only that the sky is still another country,
all  purple and windy,
even after dawn.


©2014 Wabi Sabi

For Sunday Whirl -# 145

For Poets United – pantry

21 thoughts on “In The Time Before Dawn

  1. As I was reading, I became aware that I was reading a very special and beautiful poem that expanded my horizons………I most love “the sky is another country” and the snuffing out of the star “like a candle tilting in the bruised wind”. Spectacular writing, kiddo! Loved it.


  2. Hi there Wabi Sabi,

    My first time with your voice, I think and certainly a rich and week crafted write – I especially liked:

    “the morning star,
    snuffing out her beauty
    like a candle tilting in the bruised wind…” Lovely work – thanks for the treat of reading it… With Best Wishes Scott


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