Haiku My Heart – Hiking

The winter woods hold the silence I crave.  Though barren and bereft of green, lacking in birdsong, and harboring  a dampness that can get into my bones, I have come to love the winter.  It is my desert place.  I can hear myself think in the winter.  And sometimes I can hear the wisdom voice that whispers in us all.  Wandering the silent woods, I discover a stark and singular beauty not present in the lushness of the other seasons.  How blessed am I!

Footbridge in the Woods © 2014 Wabi Sabi
Footbridge in the Woods © 2014 Wabi Sabi

For Recuerda Mi Corazon – Haiku My Heart

13 thoughts on “Haiku My Heart – Hiking

  1. It’s so true that winter holds a beauty all its own that the other seasons don’t share (if only it weren’t so darned cold!). Thanks for this reminder. I especially love the photo you have on your masthead of the tree, snow and sun.


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