13 thoughts on “Haiku My Heart – Snuggled In

  1. The imagery of this is so lovely. We had fog for the first time the other morning, and it had been so long for what is usually normal, that I had forgotten how beautiful the world is draped in the words of your haiku today. Thank you!


  2. oh oh …
    yes !!

    ~~the shawl of winter~~

    {{ for i am over here in florida
    where we had 27degreesF
    for two days
    hunkering down
    under ~~the shawl of winter~~
    was pleasing
    in its ‘permission given to gather close & reflect’ … }}


  3. Excellent! And timely for us…we just had two full days and nights of the thickest fog on record (north Texas). Lovely haiku!



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