Rest in Peace , Joe

St Joseph the Protector
The Holy Family


I ‘met’ Joe Spado aka Spadoman at Haiku My Heart one Friday  last year and have been deeply moved by his writing and his stories ever since.  He always had an encouraging word to brighten my day whenever he visited my blog.  I rejoiced with him when he took his last bike trip and mourned with him when he gave up riding. I loved his sense of humor!

Always, I felt more peaceful after a visit to his blog or after reading his comments on mine.   I was saddened to read that he had passed away suddenly yesterday.  I am sharing this, one of my favorite images of Mary in his honor.

 Peace be with you, Joe, and with your family.

For  Recuerda Mi Corazon – A Virgin a Day



9 thoughts on “Rest in Peace , Joe

  1. For some reason, your image did not load in Google browser. I’ll try in Safari. Like you, I did not “know” Joe personally, but did enjoy his posts. On his last blog post I saw how much he hated the food at the VA in WI.


    • That is strange. I wonder why that happened. Thank you for your comments. It is amazing how there is so much potential for good in this world even on the internet we can touch one another. And Joe, with his kind words, touched us all!


  2. Knowing Joe, I’m sure your tribute is making him smile. And what a wonderful “Holy Family” sculpture—another thing Joe would appreciate about this piece. Thank you…more than you know.


  3. This is so lovely… I know Joe would love this, and that you have remembered him in this way. Family was everything to him, that and loving life. He was a gift to us all.


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