Haibun for HH and Leo

A certain shy poet was wandering around the internet one August afternoon in 2012. She stumbles into Haiku Heights and decides to give haiku a whirl.  She composes  a three line poem and nervously posts it with all the  ‘real’ poets at Haiku Heights.  Shortly after, September arrived along with the invitation to write a haiku everyday for a month.  The prompts were stimulating, the other poets were encouraging and an addiction was born!

 The muse at Haiku Heights, whose pen name is Leo and whose real name is Vinay Ravindranath also blogs at I Rhyme Without Reason. He has  indefatigably stimulated an international band of writers with weekly prompts for several years now. In April and September he  hosted a marathon of daily prompts. It has been quite a fun ride!

 I am sad to see this wonderful weekly haiku party come to an end but I wish you well, Leo.  Thank you for turning me on to haiku!


in late autumn
the crickets are silent –
a sudden sadness

©2013 Wabi Sabi

For the final prompt at Haiku Heights – ‘thanks’

18 thoughts on “Haibun for HH and Leo

  1. Dearest Wabi,

    I’m not leaving. Atleast not yet. I’d been feeling sad at the decision. You lovely people who come by every week, you helped me realize it wasn’t time to let go yet. So I’ve decided to continue for now. Thank you for the lovely haiku 🙂 I hope the crickets do come back to song soon.


  2. The.Best Haiku! And your prose is marvelous too.

    To Leo: Bravo! Perhaps you might take on a small group like at dVerse Poets Pub to share the blessings and the work? I think there it is by invite only and the group is small. (No I am not part of it and could not take on the commitment.)


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