12 thoughts on “Haiku My Heart – Dancing With The Sun

  1. I love this! Simply love it. Another bit of snow last night. The trees are barren of leaves, but Grandfather sun is out in full glory today and in this cold crisp air, I too can see the brilliance of this last dance as His heat uncovers the golden amber piles and leaves them glistening. Thank you very much.



  2. So very beautiful!!! I do hope you’ll send me a few words of thanks, what ever you are grateful for in THIS moment, for me to add to the gratitude quilt… instructions, a link that explains the project and my email address are at the top of my blog.


  3. Thanks for these words and the cheery photo (there’s something about yellow leaves, the way they glow in the sun, that is just extra special) – always nice to have one last dance, isn’t it?


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