Old Beacon


old beacon
hailing all strangers –
mind the land
the adventure ends abruptly
two sailors running aground


©Wabi Sabi

For Carpe Diem Tan Renga – old beacon


14 thoughts on “Old Beacon

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    1. Actually, the story ended well. My husband and I wandered into shallow waters while on a sailing ‘adventure’ a few years ago! luckily no injuries and the boat was undamaged. And we learned to ‘mind the land.’.


        1. Yes…..we misread the chart and turned toward the land too soon. The shallow bottom came up to greet our little sail boat and we needed a tow off the shallows. Other than the captain’s bruised ego, all ended well. We were not in the waters pictured in the haiga. We were off the coast of Connecticut.


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