IMG_1052 - surprised

Prompt –

in the darkness
by a snowflake’
Garry Gay

A note about my process. This poem started out as a haiku :

in the fall garden
scent of lavender’

 The experience was real enough.  I was wandering around my somewhat neglected  late autumn garden this morning and I discovered some lavender that was blooming.  I grabbed a bunch of it and took a few photos.  The scent was heavenly and unusual for this time of year and not only was I surprised but delighted and a bit intoxicated by the fragrance! I looked at the prompt later in the day and decided to work my experience into the prompt.  In creating the haiga, I needed to move away from the temptation to simply state the obvious e.g. describe the photo.  Voila!


16 thoughts on “Surprised

  1. I love those little gardening surprises. On my header, the flowers were blooming in a sheltered part of a local park. Was a joy to come across the blooms when everything else is slipping down and becoming compost. Autumn is an overlooked time of love. It’s my absolute favorite season. Needless to say, I loved your haiga.


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