A Yearning



still roaming the inky darkness
of an immeasurable,unknowable landscape,

a soul sheeted in ice, searches cobbled sidewalks,
rock-strewn country roads and remote pebbled shores
for a safe passageway

like a moth bending closer, closer
body, soul, essence lured to the fire
that warms and melts frozen heart sounds
these flames consume the remnants
of the restless child,
massaging the clay of resistance
softening and molding it
eroding a foolish need to escape the stillness

it seems a simple task
and yet……..
when is the heart ever ready
to embrace the kiln of eternity,
that wild yearning to awaken
to the holy breath of god?


©2013 Wabi Sabi

For  The Sunday Whirl – # 132

For Poets United  -Poets Pantry


32 thoughts on “A Yearning

  1. Wow, that is quite a last stanza in your poem. I wonder as well when the heart is ready to embrace eternity. I know we have eternity right now as we live, but I don’t know that we are ready to embrace it to the fullest. I do hope that when I am ready I will experience the breath of God as being welcoming and ready!


  2. My heart is certainly not ready at the moment to embrace the kiln of eternity. To be consumed, even by holy fire…the thought terrifies me!


    • Are we ever really ready? In all my years of end-of-life caregiving, I only saw one person who was able to embrace letting go. Giving up control, yielding to the great unknown……perhaps this our greatest challenge in life!


  3. This poem strikes a deep chord in me…….especially “when is the heart ever ready to embrace the kiln of eternity”….? A fantastic write that goes straight to the heart and soul of the lonely voyager.


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