A Billion Stars

 In  winter,  when the garden flowers sleep deeply under glistening snow, she does not pine.

 Instead she marvels at other, subtler miracles.  Her eyes linger a bit longer on the faces of those she loves when smiles bloom there. The silent woodland offers bouquets laced with  gray and brown, and morning sky strikes her like the cool slap of winter on her uncovered face.  The empty trees grow shadows , forming patterns that mark the movement of her days. The Sun God paints dawn and dusk in colors that make her ache with joy.

 Yes, in winter, it is easy to utter a prayer, to taste a poem, to smell the snow, to see gardens everywhere.


a billion stars
night blooming canopy
and the moon too!


©2013 Wabi Sabi

Carpe Diem prompt – hanging gardens


7 thoughts on “A Billion Stars

  1. WOW! Wabi what a wonderful haiku inspired on the prompt for today “The Hanging Gradens of Babylon” very unique and touching … can I use this haiku in a Tan Renga Challenge? I would be honored.


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