Bird Spirits



a bird woman –
eyes searching a morning sky
longs to fly 
settling in near a window
bird spirits draw near

a migrating flock –
warbling to one another
sipping dew
valise packed and ready
she peers at the sky

a mourning dove –
exiled from heaven
tells a secret
three old women half listen
to the clues all around

a mockingbird –
chattering a story
at dawn
clouds piling up
in the eastern sky

a red tailed hawk –
real claws showing
cradles an apple
hungry for a resting place
and a rash of sweetness


©2013 Wabi Sabi

Sunday Whirl # 127


10 thoughts on “Bird Spirits

    • I will add your intention for a rash of sweetness in your life to my prayer list! I guess the One who knows all, will know who I mean when I say I’m praying for the poet who stumbles around the Sonoran desert taking photos and scribbling down inspired little poems. How many stumblers could there be?


  1. Oh Wabi – this is magical, just magical. I am rather slow in comments and I apologize. I thank you for reading though and commenting on my piece this- it was a bit heavy and I was surprised how the words demanded to be written. “hungry for a resting place
    and a rash of sweetness”. Never has the word rash been so beautifully surrounded. Love this piece. Teri


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