Because of You



because of you

a vibrant trail of wildflowers

becomes my vision



because of you

a single sassy star above

burns my soul



because of you

violets, reds, yellows and blues

slather my eyes



because of you

vivacious daughters

surround me



because of you

the master comes closer

to my essence



because of you

always, a sumptuous spread

beckons me



 because of you

I don’t know the meaning

of manipulative…..or vacuous



because of you

though my life be long and hard

it will seem much too short


Whirl Words:

vivacious, vibrant, vacuous, manipulative, vision, single,

sumptuous, slather, spread, short, sassy, violet, (master)

Notes on the process :

I felt like writing a love poem, perhaps because I had just read Pablo Neruda’s poem entitled ‘ Love,’ from which I borrowed the words ‘because of you,’ or perhaps for some other reason!  (It could be the wine)

I wrote this in three line verses,  perhaps because I can’t shift out of haiku mode.  Perhaps I will revisit this poem in the future and make it more like Neruda’s, or not!

24 thoughts on “Because of You

  1. I love this piece, Wabi Sabi. Love is an elixir, maybe the wine brought it on, maybe Neruda’s words…either way, I’m glad it brought this piece. A hopeful write filled with gratitude. LOVE it.


  2. Okay, not sure what is happening this evening but I am channeling Poet Laundry was going to say that this poem was “glorious” and it has that magical feeling. The repetition is wonderful and the “Because of you” extremely effective. Lovely 🙂


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