Haiku My Heart Brand New

 Grandson - Altered Photo ©2013 Wabi Sabi

 Haiga – Grandmother and Grandson ©2013 Wabi Sabi

I am experimenting with a free photo program this week called ‘Pic Monkey’ to try my hand at altering  photos to create haiga with a different look. One of my daughters, an artist, suggested I try it before buying anything. Although I have been unable to achieve a Japanese brush painting effect yet, I am enjoying the variety of effects which are possible.  I am attempting to create a haiga a day for the month of September, using the prompts at A 19 Planets Art Blog for inspiration. Today’s prompt is ‘grandmother.’  I’m also sharing with friends at Recuerda Mi Corazon ‘haiku my heart.’

14 thoughts on “Haiku My Heart Brand New

  1. aloha Wabi Sabi. i like this haiga a lot. great image and match up with the haiku as well as the presentation.

    i’ve played with pic monkey a few times and found it a lot of fun with a lot of possibilities. for a free program it packs a lot of variation and options. i dont know that it would give you a “Japanese” brush look. maybe it can? or maybe that’s just a term that has been used as a name??

    i find a lot of terms in digital programs do not match up with my knowledge of the term as it related to the original materials. i’ve learned to just accept that altho i know the term, what it does in a digital program is what it does and is not necessarily connected to the original characteristics of the term (indeed i suspect in some cases the person who named it did not really know what those characteristics were, they just thought it might somehow be related and so they called it that term). with that in mind i find it’s much more fun to play with things and see what i get and then think of it in that way and not the original way. two different programs can both use the same term for a brush and the effects may be very different. so as i see it, it’s a case knowing in each program what that term does for that tool. . . .

    i have an iPad on which i use an app called Zen Brush. it’s my most used drawing app. it is the closest i’ve found to an app that gives a “Japanese brushstroke-like” effect to each stroke (with my finger as brush). i like that a lot. i’ve notice that other programs are approaching this effect but you have to set the tools to achieve it where as in Zen Brush (which is extremely simple—and for me a delight in that sense) it is simply the way it works.

    way fun on exploring these programs. i’m about to get a new computer and update my drawing and painting programs. so i will be exploring “new” tools again soon i suspect. fun. aloha.


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