11 thoughts on “Skyscraper

  1. oh. way fun on this. aloha WabiSabi. you have me grinning. what a great build up to that last line. and i gotta like your take on “skyscraper”. outstanding and way fun.

    i also have to say i like the way you integrate and balance your words within and with the image. that is a keystone (imo) with haiga. i also like the clarity you keep with the font and size of the font for the haiku with the image. another excellent trait to count toward solid haiga (again imo). aloha.


  2. p.s. i also wanted to note that your headers which i know you change often, are gems and way fun. at one time i changed mine every week. i now change it about once a month because of the time issue. your header space is a good shape to explore (imo). it’s fun to work within these elongated header shapes as a challenge. i’d choose another theme for my blog but i need this one because it works for my dotcom, so i no longer change my theme and this is the header i have to go with. cool on that tho as it gives me a very different shape to work with compared to my usual haiga shapes. fun on your header haiga.


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