14 thoughts on “Cooler Weather

    • I honestly never heard of anyone having too FEW zucchinis! I’d offer to mail you some of ours but I don’t think they would travel well!



      • I know what you mean. Aliens. It must be aliens abducting them. 😉

        We arrived right at the end of June so I got them out late. And it’s been very cool. Then a ga-jillion snails chewed them to stubs over night. Then they had to grow back from that and try again.

        I’m grateful to have a chance to garden a bit. I’ll plant potatoes in the spring if I have access to soil. But the new apartment we’ll be moving to is yardless.


          • Of course. This is France. The weekly (thrice a week in the next town) markets are filled with produce year round. It’s required to label everythign with country of origen. The locals label big nd proud. even local gardeners can put up a booth with the extras.


  1. aloha Wabi Sabi – way fun response to the theme. it’s subtle and then suddenly snaps into place. i like that. that “surprise and delight” element is one i appreciate in haiku. way cool. and mahalo for linking up as well. fun. aloha—Rick


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