Tan Renga

Just the cellarpit;
only the catbird recalls
the swing of the gate                                                    (O. Mabson Southard)

dragging herself out of bed

more whining and complaining                                    (Wabi Sabi)

Kris is playing Tan Renga at Carpe Diem today. Come over to learn more and play!

Here is a great link to learn more about the form: Graceguts:An Introduction to Tan Renga

And here is a link to more information about O. Mabson Southard : Modern Haiku

7 thoughts on “Tan Renga

  1. What a humorful completion Wabi … thank you for sharing. And thank you for remembering me that it was one of your haiku which I would like to use for this Tan Renga Challenge. I have started with the preparation of our next Tan Renga Challenge already and I will use your haiku. I am looking forward to the responses.


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