Blue Moon


   blue august  moon ~

                     my neighbor finally unplugging

his Christmas lights


©2013 Wabi Sabi


7 thoughts on “Blue Moon

    • My neighbor, a retired cop, ever fearful that someone will sneak into his back yard and steal his lawn chairs or something, keeps a string of lights up all year on a tree in the back yard. When I’m porch sitting late at night, the lights are less than atmospheric, to say the least. He unplugged them last week, just in time for the august blue moon. Voila! (That’s all I recall from high school French, but it is a handy word to have!) A haiku is born!



      • How would Christams lights keep the lawn chairs from walking off? Unless these are evil animated lights that climb down and wrap themselves around the legs… I’d better go to bed. The muse is leaking out all creepy. Voila! Works great. I took Spanish in highschool. It helps me NOT right now.


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